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Structural Steel

Structural steel is a type of steel that is used for construction purposes, and this type of steel is available in a variety of shapes. Structural steel can vary by shape, size, chemical composition, and mechanical properties. Structural steel is used in bridges, buildings and other types of structures throughout the world. During its manufacture, the steel is fabricated to suit a project’s applicable specifications such as strength, chemical composition and shape. The main ingredients in structural steel are iron and carbon. Common additives found in addition to the iron and carbon are manganese, alloys and certain chemicals, which improve its strength and durability.

Steel is the product of mixing iron with carbon. When it is formed into particular shapes and sizes, it is referred to as structural steel. The I-beam is the most common type used today. Skyscrapers, stadiums and the ship building industry all incorporate some type of I-beam construction.

Featured Project!

Lake Charles River Crossing

We worked with Irby Construction, Entergy, and Dashiell to complete this project in Lake Charles, LA. We worked from the bottom on up from assembling each section of the tower and having it ready to be flown across the Lake Charles River to site locations on both sides. Next, we erected two 310 foot towers, using helicopters to set every section, with our guys climbing and connecting as they continued to finish the tower.

Featured Project!

Sabre/Brametal Testing Service

A&J Steel worked with Sabre Industries Inc. on this testing site facility in Alvarado, TX. We assembled, erected and tested many structures from different types of designs of lattice towers as well as monopoles. We also tested the integrity and load strength, to be passed or denied for structures that would be built for transmission lines all over the world.

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