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Our commitment to our customers is to produce the best possible services. The team of employees that we have are experienced and are very dedicated to pleasing our customers. In todays economic situation this is a must. Our company is based on values to build strong relationships with our clients that they can trust.

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Lake Charles River Crossing

We worked with Irby Construction, Entergy, and Dashiell to complete this project in Lake Charles, LA. We worked from the bottom on up from assembling each section of the tower and having it ready to be flown across the Lake Charles River to site locations on both sides. Next, we erected 2, 310 foot towers, using helicopters to set every section, with our guys climbing and connecting as they continue to finish the tower.

Hurricane Maria PR Restoration

On the island of Puerto Rico, we worked with PREPA to rebuild damaged transmission lines and lattice structures all over the island. We restored 13 lines that were assembled and erected using helicopters to fly in structures and men to the structure location.

230-500KV Transmission Line

From Lexington to Dooms, Virginia, we worked with Dominion Energy and Irby Construction to assemble and erect legs and extensions of K-frames and upper K-frames with arms and ground peaks. The towers carried 230 and 500 kV lines. We also completed Back bolting and QC of erected towers, removed foundations, and chopped up old towers for scrap. In total, we worked on 180 towers.

New Mexico Game & Fish

We worked with Intercon Company, LLC to complete post-tensioning for a warehouse and corporate office in New Mexico.

Midland Pavilion

We took on this pavilion job with M.W. Builders in Midland, TX, where we installed and built perimeter grade beams and slab dowels for perimeter foundation.

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From highways to fabrication, our projects run the gammut.

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